…So what’s our big announcement?

Did we get someone pregnant? Thankfully, no.

Are we moving to Europe? No, not yet anyways.

Did we just pick up a new project? Kinda sorta but that’s not the big announcement.

You’re probably asking yourself this now, “then what is it?!”

Well, you’ve probably noticed some of the pictures of custom leather jacket and helmet artwork that we’ve been posting lately. (Hopefully you have) If not, you can check out the gallery here.

Today’s a really exciting day at Habermann & Sons because today is the day that we “officially” launch a new service to the world; custom leather jacket and helmets designs that are created by our very own creative mastermind, Markus!

We can use your leather jacket or helmet, or you can purchase one from our website and we can paint your design on it.

For complete information on how to get your leather jacket or helmet custom-painted, check out this link.

Have a good Monday and don’t forget to stay classic,

Marc and Markus

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Our latest creation by Markus. All painted free hand. Took about 6 hours to complete. What do you guys think?

Large Visitor Globe